Prime minister Sobotka raps in viral video

It is without any questions, that learning languages can be a difficult thing. Some politicians have already proven it and not willingly became viral sensations. Such as Czech prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

As the Czech republic is getting ready for elections into the senate, the prime minister had a speech about EU and integration. His incorrect English became a source of fun on the Czech internet and led to another viral video where Czech first graders make fun of his English and invite him to join their English lessons since he needs them. However, the internet has brought to the light of day another video that became viral – Rap remix of his speech.

It is not the first rap remix of Czech politician. There is an earlier mix of president Zeman which got similar reception. Such remixes are indeed funny and we can only look forward to what the internet brings up next.

You can also check out the original video below.