Pro-Palestinian supporters march in Prague

Dozens of people had marched in the evening through the centre of Prague as a response to Israel and its military operations in the Gaza strip.

The march started on the Wenceslas square and ended at the Israeli embassy. The spokesman had stated that the demonstration is not antisemitic in any way and isn’t aimed at the jews. On their way to the embassy, the crowd had also lied on the cobblestones of the Old Town square to symbolize the victims of the conflict. So far, there have been almost two thousand Palestinian civilians while the number of casualties on the side of Israel is a significantly smaller number.

The ex-foreign Ministry Jan Kavan had supported the movement and wants to provide hospital care to the children affected by the conflict. Despite all the banners and sing saying things such as „Occupation isn’t peace – Israel kills“ or „It’s not a conflict, it’s a massacre,“ the demonstration went rather peacefully and without any violence.