Most shops and restaurants shut down as coronavirus cases rise

Prime minister Andrej Babiš announced an order for all shops in the country to close except for grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential services until March 24.

Two weeks after the first case of COVID-19 were confirmed in the Czech Republic, the Czech economy is being turned down to just essential services in government’s effort to stem the advance of the deadly coronavirus.

The new measure to combat the spread of the coronavirus takes effect starting Saturday morning.

Most stores, all coffee shops, and restaurants are shut down for the public. Casinos and other gambling facilities are also to remain closed, the Czech government said in an overnight statement.

Stores selling food, electronics, fuels, pet supplies, glasses, cosmetics, newspapers, and tobacco products are to remain open as well as laundries and pharmacies. Online sales and home delivery are also not affected by the order.

The measure is set to last for 10 days, until 6:00 am on Tuesday, March 24th.

As of Saturday, the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the country already exceeded 150 and cases are present in all regions of the country.