T-Mobile Hit With CZK 3.6 Million Fine For Client Data Breach

The company will pay a CZK 3.6 million fine to resolve charges brought against the carrier after it was blamed that it didn’t adequately protect customer records.

T-Mobile store | Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart

T-Mobile Store | Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart

T-Mobile’s Czech subsidy was charged over an incident involving a former employee who took personal data of about 1.2 million clients from company’s internal database. He allegedly gained access to names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, bank accounts, and monthly spendings for telecommunication services.

The settlement represents one of the highest penalty issued by the Office for Personal Data Protection (UOOU), a publicly funded institution set up to supervise the observance of the legal obligations laid down for processing of personal data in the Czech Republic.

T-Mobile has agreed to pay up but says that it considers the fine to be inadequate, Lukas Hrabal, company’s representative stated.

The T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. has been doing business in the Czech market since 1996. As of beginning of 2015, about 6 million customers were using T-Mobile services.