Thousands of people protest against president Zeman on national holiday

On the national holiday, the anniversary of the velvet revolution, thousands of people all over Czech republic have expressed their disagreeing opinion on the current president.


People showing symbolic penalty card to Zeman | Photo by Tomáš Kaplan

Exactly twenty-five years ago started what later became known as the velvet revolution almost non-violent demonstration against then communist regime. It is symbolical, since the 17th of November is also known as the day of fighting for freedom. Many people gathered used the opportunity of such symbolism and demonstrated against president Zeman, his reign and recent “swearing situation”.

In three major cities people protested, but the situation was probably worst in Prague, where Zeman had a speech and revealed a memorial desk. Many people flashed red cards, chanted, waved their transparents and some even threw eggs. Unfortunately one egg even hit the German president in the head. The only person that made the crowd quiet was the Hungarian president, that asked the crowd for a minute of silence, in memory of the victims.


Police separating movements pro and against Zeman | Photo by Tomáš Kaplan

Later Zeman stated to all of his respondents, that he was not afraid of them.