Two-liter Coke Bottles To Disappear From Supermarket Shelves

Two-liter bottles of Coca-Cola are soon to disappear from supermarket shelves across the country. The Coca-Cola company plans to replace current packaging size by 1.75 and 2.25 liter sized bottles and 330ml cans sold as a 6-pack.

The Coca-Cola Company said it would stop offering Czech customers the option to buy bottled drinks in size of 2 liters. The company’s spokeswoman Kateřina Švecová confirmed saying that current packaging does not cover the various opportunities in consumer consumption of soda drinks.

The change is expected to take effect in March. However, customers will be able to notice the change at the beginning of April earliest.

In the last year, sales of Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic grew by 8.8 percent to stand at more than 6 billion CZK. The company’s profit was 354.3 million CZK, which is roughly 7 percent higher in comparison to the previous year.