Video Shows Driver Killed After Colliding With Street Racing Car

A chilling video showing a head-on collision involving 2 street racing cars and an oncoming vehicle which claimed one life was released by Slovak Police Force Sunday night.

The scene of the accident | Photo courtesy of Slovak Police

The footage shows reckless driving of 3 racing cars which are performing a risky passing maneuver driving on the wrong side of the center line on a curve.

As the first vehicle returned to the right side of the road, a Ferrari which was following very closely applied breaks to avoid a car in the opposite direction. Porsche, which was going in the third place, smashed into the back of the Ferrari and was deflected into an oncoming traffic.

The scene of the accident | Photo courtesy of Slovak Police

Two people – husband and wife – traveling in the oncoming car were seriously injured. The male driver later died while being transported to the hospital.

The accident happened around noon on Sunday in Žilina Region which is located in northern Slovakia.

According to the police statement, the racing vehicles were driven by Polish nationals.

Police claimed it will not compromise with the suspects and informed the public that it is doing necessary steps to keep them in custody.

All three racing drivers are currently being held on reckless endangerment charges which can carry up to 15 years in prison.

Damage is estimated to be €35,000.