Woman Calls In Bomb Threats At City Hall To Stop Ex’s Wedding

A 25 years-old Woman is facing a penalty of up to 5 years in prison after she allegedly dialed emergency services multiple times and falsely reported explosive device at a city hall to stop her ex's wedding ceremony.

The incident happened in Hostinne, a town of approximately 5 000 in north-eastern Bohemia, late June this year, police spokeswoman Sarka Pizlova informed.

Around 60 people had to be evacuated by the police from the city hall building during the ceremony immediately after the claim. A bomb squad swept the grounds, but no such device had been found.

After being tracked down, the suspected woman admitted calling emergency services and making a false report. According to the police, the woman who will be charged with felony hoax charge claimed that she was angry at her ex-boyfriend, whom she broke up with four years before the incident.

The engaged couple, at the end, married each other at a different wedding venue.