Woman convicted of burning newborn gets 15 years in prison

A woman whose newborn baby was burned shortly after being given birth was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in prison. The High Court in Prague ruled after woman's appeal against the previous verdict of 16 years of imprisonment from October 2014.

Petra Forejtová, 33, who gave unassisted childbirth to a baby boy on 3rd October 2013, had been sentenced to 15 years in prison for burning her newborn son in her home.

According to the prosecution, baby was still alive when she burned it in a stove, but no direct evidence was presented to the court. Authorities had found blood stains which indicated that newborn was alive right after birth, but there was no other evidence that would prove that the baby boy was killed by fire.

Police were notified of suspicious circumstances by Forejtová’s gynecologist few days after child’s death. Authorities searched her home and found blood stains and remains of bones in her stove.