Would Czech politicians pass citizenship tests?

After a law allowing dual citizenship and a significant increase of immigrants requesting one, the office in charge made the applicants write a test covering Czech history, geography and law. Recently, a few politicians were asked some of these questions and the result may surprise you.

Not only that some would have a hard time passing it, some would not pass at all. There is a total of 340 questions the applicants should learn, from which 30 are drawn and they have to answer correctly a bit more than half of them. There were only 10 people, who failed this year and have to take the test again. Ironically, the tested politicians have noted, that some of the questions are irrelevant and don’t make sense. For example, there is a question on what is the proper name of a document you have to sign to get a divorce. You can find all the questions on the internet and see for yourself.