Police launch investigation into Smartwings plane continuing flight after engine failure

The public prosecutor's office in Prague has instructed detectives to investigate the actions of Smartwings pilots after their plane experienced an engine shutdown this summer.

According to iDNES.cz, detectives started to review the case for possible offenses of reckless endangerment.

Prague police are investigating the incident which occurred on 22nd August 2019 when Smartwings Boeing 737-800 experienced a spontaneous shutdown of one of its engines in mid-flight.

Although the technical difficulty occurred as the plane was over the Aegean Sea, the crew responded by decreasing its altitude and continued on its way to Prague for more than two hours instead of landing at the closest suitable airport.

There were 170 people on board the plane.

The airline denied any wrongdoing immediately after the incident saying that the crew had the flight under control and followed safety procedures. Later it said that the incident has been assessed as pilot error, according to the results of an internal investigation.

In addition to the police, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic is still investigating the incident.